About Us

Voice Talent Luke Hummel has been a ventriloquist for 30 years.  He has a number of voices at his command, each with its own unique personality.  He's at home behind a mic whether in our own studio or on location.  His desire and ability to follow direction along with his creative approach to the copy ensures a professional and reliable read. 

Luke's experience as a ventriloquist has given him the ability to get into character quickly with a reality that comes across both believable and authentic.  He can put an undercurrent of energy behind a calm, smooth narration, be over the top in an, 'in your face,' commercial, competent and knowledgeable in a business presentation, and bring a character to life in an animation. 

Contact Luke Hummel for your next voice-over project.  For more information about, The 'Voice It' Studio, check out our Home Page.